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Ashok Banker (or Ashok K. Banker) is an internationally acclaimed author and screenwriter of mixed-race. His 42 books have sold over 2.4 million copies in 16 languages and 58 countries worldwide. He is famously one of the world's most accessible and friendliest authors. Over 50,000 readers have corresponded directly with him over the years. Digital editions of his work can be found exclusively at AKB eBOOKS. He is currently renovating his personal website and invites you to check back here in a few weeks. In the meanwhile, you can get all the updates on his Facebook page. He wishes you Happy Reading!

#1 Amazon Bestseller* Now available in print and ebook

*#1 in History on Amazon as of 7 November 2014

“Truth lives in the spaces between words. It defies translation.”
- Ashok K. Banker
Indian author Ashok Banker pauses while talking about his debut film
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#1 Amazon Bestseller*

Now available in print and ebook

Film & TV

Chaand under development for Star Plus!

Chanakyaneeti under development for Zee TV!

Mahabharata, Ten Kings, Ramayana Series, Maurya, and more!

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat currently airing on Colors!


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